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Illustration essay is a form of writing that elaborates on a particular subject so the reader gets an understanding of what the subject entails. Description is closely related in that Illustration requires great detail. However, narration take a part in this style on what the writer thinks or feels toward the subject, or how the subject affected the writer.

An opinion or idea may be expressed and illustration can provide the credible information to support such thoughts. It can be a powerful way to influence the way a reader perceives a particular subject.

It is not usually necessary to add photocopies or photographs of the works of art you discuss in your essay: although, if you mention unfamiliar, or little known works, you should footnote the location of the work or the source where it is illustrated (give plate number of page or full file name and address in case of digital images on the Internet).

Obviously, a reproduction would be included in your essay in those rare cases where you might discuss a work, which has never been reproduced or is not on public display. Where it is felt essential to add illustrations, they should be attached as near as possible to the text to which they relate. Always add the source of any illustrations you attach and acknowledge the photographer if they are photographs.


Appendices can be added to provide detailed information relevant to arguments or discussion in your essay but not available elsewhere. An appendix might contain the full transcript of an interview referred to in an essay, full results of a survey, lists of exhibitions, or a complex argument over provenance of a particular work of art. In other words, there is usually no need in first-year essays to add appendices to your essay.

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